Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Cross Street Customs, we get asked a lot of questions about our van conversions, campervans in general, great places to tour and camp. We love answering questions, so keep them coming! But, for the questions we get asked most often, we’ve listed the answers below.

This is often the way we work. Our customers source their own van or already have one, bring it to us and we give it back to them a few weeks later as a fully-fledged campervan.

Yes, we’re not a reseller! If it has a Cross Street Customs logo on it then we built it.

Yes, we have finance options. View more information about our finance options here.

Yes. We tend to suggest that getting the newest base model you can afford is best. We also work on older models, including the T4 and the T5, and have undertaken significant works on T25, bay windows and classic splits.

Yes, although sometimes there will be a cost. For instance, we frequently fit solar panels, change the wheels, or add a night heater, etc. before handing over one of our stock models.

No. That’s the short answer and for very good reason:

The DVLA no longer allows for the simple registering of vehicles as campervans – if they began life as a panel van. They have also increased the initial road fund licence for a motorhome from just £240 to £2135. Finally, adding a tax of £320 on top of road tax for the first 5 years, for vehicles priced over £40,000.

All the above could sound like bad news for your new campervan but it really is not. All major campervan insurers have updated their policies to match this change from the DLVA, allowing owners to properly cover converted campervans to their actual value.

If you are having a van built to order, we’re able to take you through exactly how much each item will cost, suggest the best ways to save on your conversion and which parts can be upgraded later.

We can source new and used vans to suit your overall budget.
Buy a campervan from a company you trust, one where you can see your van being built or one with good reviews. We rely quite heavily on word of mouth and are proud to do so.
As for the type of vehicle, we do recommend a VW base, as the reality is that they are slightly cheaper to build than say a Vauxhall or a Mercedes and that they hold their value slightly better too. We are always happy to work on other models and quirks of any design.

Give us a call or email us to talk through your crazy ideas and we’ll make them work.

Yes. We have a number of contacts and can find a base vehicle to suit your requirements and budget. We also have a lot of mechanical skills in the team, so are well versed in kicking a tyre or two to make sure that any purchase is sound.

Yes, we can. As standard, we supply our campervans with a dual hob, a sink and a fridge but we are happy to add a small gas oven.

Yes. Unfortunately, this is something we have come across on a number of occasions, so we’re always ready to help.

Interest in finding out more regarding how we can help with your conversion project?